What The World Needs Now Is Forgiveness


There use to be a song that said, “What the world needs now is love sweet love.” While that is very true, love is most often defined as a feeling, and not an action. God’s love is something wholly different. It isn’t based on feelings, but truth and commitment to His promises, which is how we are supposed to mirror it on earth, but our selfish nature often gets in the way, and we continue to struggle.

At the heart of God’s love is His forgiveness in His Son for His death and resurrection! I believe what the world really needs right now, is more than a feeling (Sorry about the continued 70’s music references :). Forgiveness is costly, and is at the heart of Christian/Biblical love. God showed His love for us, by dying for us, so that we could be justly forgiven for our sin and hatred or indifference toward Him. It cost Him His Son’s life, and it will always cost us something to forgive those that have hurt us badly.

I am linking to Anchor Community Church’s website where you will find this same article, but attached to that article is a great piece entitled “Serving Each Other Through Forgiveness and Reconciliation” by Timothy Keller that I think is pretty important in our current climate in the world and in the church today! I pray you read it and you are blessed.