The Lord Might in Battle

The Lord Mighty in Battle

Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. (Psalm 24:8 )
Look to The Lord Mighty in Battle to give you victory in life. Battles are not easy; they’re tough, threatening and tiring. Jesus went through many sufferings on earth. His disciples left Him, Peter denied Him, and the Roman soldiers beat Him and finally they crucified Him on a cross. When the enemy thought they won the battle in killing Jesus, it was in His death that the victory was won. Since the world hated Him, the world will oppose you. You will always have to fight the world, the flesh, and Satan. Your enemies will be too strong for you, so you must look to The Lord Mighty in Battle. He will come to your rescue when you call upon Him.
When you think sin will defeat you, remember victory begins in your mind. You must want to win and look to His strength for victory. When you plan to win, remember victory comes when you stand by the Lord. He will help you defeat the enemy. When you’re near Him, you can be victorious in His strength.


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