A Clear Path to God’s Plan for You – the Word

A Clear Path to God’s Plan for You—The Word

And Isaac went out to meditate in the field in the evening.
Genesis 24:63

Recommended Reading – Psalm 1
The Bible provides a clear pathway to God’s plan for our lives, and meditation is a key ingredient in finding that path. Some people shy away from talking about meditation because of the influences of Eastern mysticism. But biblical meditation is the art of mentally chewing on the passages of Scripture we’ve been studying until they become digested by the mind and assimilated into our personalities.

In his book about the Puritan practice of scripture meditation, David W. Saxton wrote, “Though God’s people should delight in meditation, the modern high-tech church has almost totally forgotten about this hidden jewel of spiritual strengthening.”1

To rediscover the art of Bible meditation, take a passage or verse you’ve been studying, become thoroughly acquainted with it, then spend time simply thinking about it—while you fall asleep at night, when you’re driving to work, during your daily walk. According to Psalm 1, when we meditate on God’s Word day and night, we’re like trees planted by rivers of water, fruitful and prosperous.

Meditation pulls the latch of the truth and looks into every closet, and every cupboard, and every angle of it… It labors to affect the heart.
Puritan William Fenner, quoted by David W. Saxton

1David W. Saxton, God’s Battle Plan for the Mind (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books), Kindle edition.


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