A Dark and Dirty World

A Dark and Dirty World

Let all that you do be done with love.
1 Corinthians 16:14

Recommended Reading – Luke 4:16-20
In Born to Battle, Sallie Chesham described the “Slum Sisters”—a group of nineteenth century American Salvation Army women who went into the darkest neighborhoods with the compassion of Christ. “They spent their days in house-to-house visitation,” wrote Chesham, “doing whatever needed to be done, ready to scrub, drive out rats, tend a jaundiced woman, bathe a dead baby and arrange for the funeral, deal with a drunken father, chat with distressed boys and girls. The Bible was in their pocket and a prayer on their tongue.”

Too often we shy away from the darker, dirtier places where God’s love is most needed. Jesus went everywhere. He touched the lepers, entered graveyards in search of demoniacs, talked to despised Samaritans, and wept by the tombs of the dead. His grace can reach the darkest places with the light of His message.

Wherever the Lord sends you, He will go with you. He will use you.

They grew accustomed to the worst aspects of life and quickly discovered that God’s love, as shown by a helpful dust cloth or a scrub brush or a bar of soap, or more simply, a cup of hot tea, was usually more welcome than when expounded from a pulpit.
Sallie Chesham


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