Signs of Life

Signs of Life

We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren.
1 John 3:14

Recommended Reading – James 2:14-26

In earlier ages it was often hard to determine when someone was actually dead. Books of historical oddities are filled with accounts of people accidentally buried alive. Hans Christian Andersen was so petrified by the prospect that he kept a sign by his bed bearing the words: “I am not really dead.” Painter Auguste Renoir insisted doctors do whatever was necessary to prove he was dead before burial. George Washington told attendants to keep his body above ground for three days before burial.

According to Scripture, those without Christ are spiritually dead, but those who know Him are alive. If we’re alive, there should be signs of life. People should instantly see that we’re living in Christ. There should be no mistake about it. We should bear evidence of Christ’s life—a love that consumes us, a joy that sustains us, a hope that brightens our outlook, a purity that maintains our holiness, and a commitment that makes others want to follow our Savior.

It’s a tragedy when people don’t know if we’re dead or alive in Christ. Let the world know you’re alive.

Does your love to Him ring true, and your life and service, too? Can the world see Jesus in you?
Hymnist Lelia N. Morris


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