But I’m Too Sleepy

But I’m too Sleepy

They were saddened, and one by one they said to him, “Surely you don’t mean me?” (Mark 14:19 NIV). Go deeper: Leviticus 17-18; Mark 14:17-42; Psalm 31:9-18

Remember how you resisted when your parents woke you early to help them with a chore? You were obviously younger than they and had a ton more of energy, but somehow you just couldn’t “rise to the occasion.” It was okay to get up early on Christmas morning; it was okay to leave at the crack of dawn for a school trip or a family vacation. Those times were fun and they were about you.

When your parent asked for a little time, a spirit of resentment boiled over. This person who gave you life and would sacrifice anything for you should be respected, and yet you thought: “Why are they invading my space and asking for my time?” Sometimes you even said it. These thoughts and comments reflect immaturity and lack of judgment that should be discarded somewhere in that magical never-never land between adolescence and adulthood.
It was Jesus’ last night before His arrest. The Last Supper was over; the betrayal was perpetrated, and Jesus was praying—talking to His Father. One last time Jesus begged that the “cup be taken from Him if it was the Father’s will.” He didn’t ask much of the disciples; in fact, He didn’t even ask them to pray with Him. He simply asked them to watch. Not a hard thing to do—just keep your eyes pealed for trouble—that’s all. But they weren’t up to the occasion. They failed the Master. When He needed their support most, they simply weren’t there. They were there in body, but not in spirit.

Many followers today are like the disciples in the garden. We’re present in body but not in spirit. Jesus has sacrificed His life so that we might live. Truthfully, we want to be diligent and watchful, but life interrupts, and we grow weary and tired. We should be willing to do anything for anyone, anytime.
Sleep later.

Be alert today.


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