20/20 Blindness

20/20 Blindness

Leviticus 5:14-7:10; Mark 10:32-52; Proverbs 6:12-19

James and John had visions of grandeur; all Jesus’ healings gave them a rush. But they still didn’t understand who He was. Jesus was going to Jerusalem to be sanctified; their request was completely disjointed from His purpose: Let one of us sit at your right and the other at your left in glory (Mark 10:37), they requested. After all they had shared with Him, James and John didn’t have a clue. If they had understood, they would have thought twice before making this self-serving request. Jesus replied: You don’t know what you are asking (Mark 10:38). Then, He chastised them: Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant (Mark 10:43b).

After this exchange between man and the divine, they were accosted by a blind beggar. Bartimaeus stood by the Jericho highway doing all he knew to do—begging. When he heard a sudden commotion, Bartimaeus spoke, “What’s all the noise? What am I missing?” When he was told that this was the healer from Nazareth and His entourage, he spoke up: Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me (Mark 10:47) he pled. That’s all he had to do. He wasn’t asking for position or glory; he needed healing, and this was his golden opportunity.

Even though the crowd rebuked the blind man, Jesus heard him and healed him. Just like that. No fanfare; no begging for position; just an honest plea of faith. And faith made him whole. What a contrast between the sighted who spent weeks with Jesus and never saw His mission and a blind man who saw with eyes of faith.

Seeking glory and position and recognition render us blind to His mission. Visions of grandeur leave us as spiritually blind as James and John appear to be. Jesus implores us to believe without seeing, and in so doing, we shall see.

How’s your eyesight?


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