Universal Praise

Universal Praise

Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him who sits on the throne.
Revelation 5:13

Recommended Reading – Psalm 148

When we praise the Lord, we’re joining the saints of Scripture and the hymnists of history in lifting up our worship to Him who sits on the Throne. We’re joining the hosts in heaven now gathered by the crystal river. We’re sharing in the natural praise that arises from Creation as the birds sing, the winds howl, and the thunders rumble across the sky. The whole universe is designed to praise the Lord.

George Dawson, a nineteenth-century English divine, prayed: “We join, O God, in the blessed strain Thy holy children sang of old, when, filled full of gladness and Divine glory, they all met to sing Thy praise, to praise Thee as a God of glory, and to magnify Thy mighty name. We too would call upon all things to praise Thee, and join the song poured forth unto Thee by the sweet birds and the flowers, and by all Thy works in nature.”

From first to last, Revelation brims and overflows with worship. It isn’t a book of perplexity but of praise. If worship will be universal during the Millennium and eternal state, let’s get a head start on it today!

Thou hast uplifted us, and given us to drink of the cup of God, drawn from the river of the water of life which is by Thy Throne for evermore.
George Dawson


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