What Would You Have Me Do?

What Would You Have Me Do?

So he, trembling and astonished, said, “Lord, what do You want me to do?”
Acts 9:6

Recommended Reading – Acts 9:1-9

If you pick up a five-pound British note, you may see the image of one of England’s great heroes — Elizabeth Fry, a Christian reformer whose lifelong efforts on behalf of prisoners changed the laws of the land and the tone of prison ministry. Her heart went out to those behind bars, and she fought to give them humane treatment and dignity. For this she is remembered today with her image on British currency.

When Elizabeth was dying at the age of 65, she revealed the secret of her lifetime of service. Speaking to one near her bed, she said, “My dear Rachel, I can say one thing — since my heart was touched at seventeen years old, I believe I have never awakened from sleep, in sickness or in health, by day or by night, without my first waking thought being how best I might serve my Lord.”1

Whatever we’re facing today, we should say, as Paul did in Acts 9:6: “Lord, what do You want me to do?” Whatever circumstances we’re confronting, we can bathe them in prayer. God has a plan for us today. It’s our joy to pray and proceed in obedience.

What He would have me to do, that may I do; where He would have me to go, there may I go.
Elizabeth Fry

1Francis Cresswell, A Memoir of Elizabeth Fry (London: James Nisbet, 1868), 316, 214.




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