No Credibility Gaps

No Credibility Gaps

… being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform. Romans 4:21

Recommended Reading – Romans 4:16-25

Several years ago when a particular United States governor was caught breaking an oft-repeated campaign promise, he explained that his prior words were simply “political statements” that had to be adjusted with changing circumstances. He was adopting the philosophy of Machiavelli, the prince of politicians, who said, “The promise given was a necessity of the past; the word broken is the necessity of the present.” Promise breaking seems to be standard operating procedure for many of today’s politicians. Still, we somehow expect our leaders to keep their promises; and when they break them, it creates a credibility gap with those they govern.

God is different. His promises are sure. No matter how many promises He has made, each one is more certain than the sunrise, more enduring than the highest mountain, more abiding than the deepest sea.

When Abraham believed the promises of God, it was credited to him as righteousness. Whenever in a time of doubt or darkness we find a promise in Scripture and cling to it in faith, God is pleased. He is faithful. He will always do as He has said.

We break our promises to one another. We break our promises to God. But God never breaks His promises to us.
R. C. Sproul, in The Promises of God



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